Cantata Music Center 2.0

Multiple sources, zero compromises


The Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center serves as the digital hub in a high-end audio system providing the same audio performance regardless of the input source. Whether it’s a CD played via the built-in transport, an uncompressed iTunes library stored on a Mac or Windows computer, or a dedicated music library on a network storage system (NAS), the Cantata Music Center will play every note as if it were from the original CD.

To a host computer, the Music Center “looks” like a standard USB audio device which both Mac and Windows operating systems support natively. While USB connections are physically limited to 15 feet, the Resolution Audio “Pont Neuf” creates a “virtual” USB connection directly to the Music Center via ethernet cable or through your wired or wireless home network. In either case, no additional software or drivers are required.

Because the Music Center utilizes your external computer-based music library, it doesn’t rely on a proprietary means of storing your CD data. Any software can be used for ripping and any software can be used for playback. The music library is safer since the storage can be easily backed up to a second drive or protected from loss using “RAID” technology, and capacity can be easily increased by adding off-the-shelf hard drives. With no hard drive located within the Music Center itself, the device remains completely silent and free of vibration. You choose where the library is stored, how it is backed-up, and what software is used to play it.


In addition to the supplied full function remote control, the Cantata Music Center and C50 integrated amplifier are controllable from and iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via the free Cantata App.

Other digital sources such as a DVD player can be played through the external inputs.


Based on the award-winning Opus 21 series, the Cantata design has been further refined and optimized for the emergence of computer-based music libraries. Built for simple integration into popular sources, the Cantata’s modular architecture will accommodate tomorrow’s formats and beyond.



Sample Configurations

There are a number of ways in which the Cantata Music Center can connect with a source computer for playback of a digital library. Below are just a few sample configurations.

In this configuration, the host computer is connected directly to the Cantata Music Center over a USB cable. Playback on the source computer can be controlled via the mouse and keyboard, or through any WiFi-based remote control such as an Apple iPad. Note that a secondary input can also be used (in this case, a DVD player) and chosen with the supplied remote control or through the Cantata App with and iPad.


Because a USB cable is limited to a length of 15 feet, a USB cable connection may not be practical even if the source computer is in the same room.

To overcome this limitation, the Resolution Audio “Pont Neuf” Bridge effectively extends the USB port of the source computer by transmitting USB audio data asynchronously over an Ethernet or wireless connection to the Music Center. It requires no additional software drivers and is compatible with all music playback software and audio formats.

Due to the nature of ethernet connections, this approach also affords sonic improvements over a direct USB connection.

As with previous configurations, any WiFi-based remote control (such as an Apple iPad running the Apple “Remote” app) can control playback on the source computer.

Here, the source computer is in a different room and the Resolution Audio “Pont Neuf” is extending the USB connection over a wired ethernet connection through the home network. Likewise, the Cantata Music Center is connected to the home network through an Ethernet cable. All of the convenience and sonic benefits of an asynchronous USB connection are retained over much greater distances.

If a wired (Ethernet) connection isn’t practical, a “wireless bridge” can be added to allow the network information to travel wirelessly to the listening room.


features and specifications

  • Slot-loading compact disc drive.
  • Asynchronous USB up to 192kHz/24 bit
  • Ethernet link for UPNP playback
    up to 192k/24 bit
  • Other digital inputs(AES/EBU, RCA, Toslink) 192k/24 bit
  • XLR and RCA outputs, fixed or variable
  • iPhone / iPad / iTouch remote
    control App
  • 43 x 23 x 5 cm (17″ x 9″ x 2″)
  • 6 kg (13 lbs.)