Music Center Firmware

24/192kHz playback requires a Cantata Music Center with firmware version 2.06 or later. UPnP playback requires firmware version 2.10 or higher, however operation is significantly more stable and reliable with the most current firmware installed.

To determine the version of your Music Center, press and hold the CD button on the remote control until the front panel displays the current firmware version.

If your firmware version is less than 2.0, your Music Center requires a hardware upgrade for 24/192kHz playback. Contact your dealer or Resolution Audio for upgrade pricing and INSTALLATION. Do NOT attempt to install current firmware on a unit that is not already a 2.0 hardware unit.

Music Center firmware updates are now supported directly over the network! All releases after 2.17 are available for INSTALLATION directly through the browser. Just download the new firmware from our web site below, open your Cantata’s home page in a browser, choose the file from your local machine, and press the ‘Update’ button. Of course, the CD-R method will always be supported as well.

Until version 2.17 is INSTALLED, the Cantata only supports update via CD-R, so this update can not be installed via the browser. If your firmware is lower that 2.17 please update using the CDR update link below only.

For updating with a CDR:

For updating by web browser (on units that already have firmware 2.17 or higher only): CANTATA_02_22.dat