Jeff Kalt
For well over two decades, Resolution Audio has received praise for its meticulous attention to detail in creating highly-acclaimed stereo components. The guiding philosophy behind the company has always been to build stereo components which deliver accurate and engaging musical reproduction at a reasonable price. We proudly build each component at our USA facility and test every unit personally before we ship them to our customers. This very hands on approach assures the finest quality and highest reliability possible.

After graduating from MIT in Electronic Engineering, Jeff Kalt founded Resolution Audio. Combining a deep passion for music with this rigorous educational background he has designed some of the best sounding components in our industry, for Resolution Audio and other well known audio companies. Today Jeff and the rest of the Resolution Audio team work very hard to build and properly support the best sounding, most reliable, and upgradable products we can while maintaining a firm commitment to genuine value.

Our customer’s loyal support make it clear that we are on the right path.