The Cantata App

Introducing a more savvy way to control the Cantata Music Center and C50 Amplifier – the FREE Resolution Audio “Cantata” app – available now for iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Click here to download.

The app provides both remote control and indication of current status of both devices through an elegant, touch-screen interface.

And because the app uses WiFi for communication, the devices do not need to be within “line of sight” of the remote. This allows flexibility in placement within a room; in fact, the app can even control the devices from another room entirely. Combined with the iTunes Remote app, it allows for complete control over playback as well as music library management from a single touch-screen device.


Cantata Music Center (with or without the C50 Integrated Amplifier)
An iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone
The Cantata app (Available free on the iTunes store)
An Ethernet connection to home network
Cantata firmware version 1.04 or higher (Update information)