The Cantata Music Center 3.0 version- Now Shipping!

This exciting and much anticipated upgrade of our Music Center provides an entirely new DAC board design, along with a new rear panel to accommodate new connectivity options. This new version and upgrade to existing units represents our latest design thinking and advanced circuit execution techniques. Proudly built in the USA as always!

Cantata m100 mono amplifiers now available

We proudly present the new m100 mono amplifiers. Based on the same unique Class A/B amplifier circuit topology as our C-50 integrated amplifier but providing 100 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load. This additional power output capability allows music lovers who have less efficient speakers to now be able to enjoy a complete Cantata system. Visit the m100 page in the products section of this website for more exciting details.

BlackJack power cable now available

We now have a definitive answer to a common question we get- What is the best sounding power cable for my Resolution Audio product? Introducing the Resolution Audio BlackJack power cord. Designed to provide the most neutral tonality possible when used with our products, the BlackJack cord provides a significant improvement is the realism, musicality, and dynamic contrast of a Resolution Audio system. Visit the BlackJack Power Cable page on the Products section of this website for more information.

Browser controls for the Cantata Music Center

Introducing browser-based controls for the Cantata: in addition to the useful debug feature, you can now set the volume, limit the maximum volume, and boost the output by up to 5dB. To use the new controls, open any web browser to “http://cantata-XXXX.local”, where XXXX is the last four digits of your serial number. This uses the local hostname, which requires Bonjour (the same protocol used to discover printers and built into all Apple products.) If you are using a PC, either download Bonjour (it’s free), or use the Cantata’s IP address directly (for example, “”).

Limiting the maximum volume is very helpful when using a touch screen UPnP controller, as it prevents an accidental tap from overloading your system (or just waking your neighbor.)

Another new control sets the Cantata’s display when playing UPnP tracks. “Time only” will always show the elapsed time of the current track, while “format/rate” will show the file type (aiff, flac, etc.) and the sample rate at the beginning of each track.

Note that all of these setting will be saved when placed in standby, then restored when powered up.

Last but not least, firmware updates are now supported directly over the network! Future releases will be available for installation directly through the browser. Just download the new firmware from our web site, open your Cantata’s home page in a browser, choose the file from your local machine, and press the ‘update’ button. Of course, the CD-R method will always be supported as well.

Until version 2.17 is installed, the Cantata only supports update via CD-R, so this update can not be installed via the browser. Detailed instructions for browser-based updates will be included with the next release.

Visit the “Music Center Firmware” page to download the most current firmware. 

JRiver UPnP support added to Cantata Music Center

JRiver is available for Windows and Mac, available at The Cantata Music Center must be updated via CD-R to firmware version 2.15 or above.

Visit the “Music Center Firmware” page to download the most current firmware. 


C50 2.0 now shipping….factory upgrade also available for existing units.

Version 2.0 features an improved power supply with custom four-terminal T-network capacitors, achieving even more impressive performance, increased resolution and detail, while maintaining musicality and flow.

Cantata App for iOS has been updated to support iOS6 and new Music Center sources

Version 1.2 adds UPnP as a source for the Music Center, and now supports the iPhone 5.

If you already have the app installed, you may have already received a notice regarding the update.

The app can be found in the iTunes store


UPnP renderer capability now available for the Cantata Music Center

Firmware version 2.10 or later adds UPnP renderer capability for up to 24/192k gapless playback for FLAC, WAV, and AIFF files.

Click here for Mac instructions to  update to the latest version

Click here for Windows instructions to update to the latest version

What is UPnP?

UPnP (Universal Plug “n” Play) is a set of protocols that allow a Cantata Music Center to access music files that are stored on a Network Attached Storage device (NAS), or other UPnP compatible music server, to be quickly and easily selected and played. Essentially the Music Center announces its availability on your home Ethernet network that it can be uses as a renderer (playback device) for music stored on a UPnP-capable server. A control point device (iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc) is used to select the Cantata as a renderer together with a NAS as a server. The control point device requires an app like PlugPlayer or other control point software for browsing and playlist control.

What do I need to use the UPnP capability in the Music Center?

The simplest and most elegant UPnP enabled playback system would consist of the following components:

Cantata Music Center with firmware version 2.10 or higher.

iPad or Android tablet to use as a control point (remote control).

Control point app of your choice on the tablet (Plug Player is recommended on iPad, BubbleUPNP on an Android Nexus 7 tablet is another good option).

Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to store and serve your music library. We like the Synology products such as the DS212j. You can select whatever capacity hard drives you wish to install in the NAS. A couple of mirrored Western Digital “Red” 2TB drives is a nice choice.

Router with wired and wireless capability, such as the Apple Airport Extreme.

Good quality CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cables (one from NAS to router, one from Router to Cantata).

Some patience. Getting good results depends on a lot of variables, and every system and environment is a bit different. A very robust network is essential to achieving good results. You may also find that the control point software which works well for someone else doesn’t work well in your situation, so some trial and error is too be expected. Your dealer can be a valuable resource in helping you. Also you can find very helpful information in forums like

Chances are good that many people have experience with exactly what you are setting up and optimizing. We will also be expanding our website with tips and recommendations, as well as firmware update, so check back here occasionally.


Support for new Mac USB ports now available for the Cantata Music Center

Firmware version 2.07 adds support for new Mac computers that use USB3.0 ports.

Click here for Mac instructions to update to version 2.07

Click here for Windows instructions to update to version 2.07


Windows drivers for 24/192kHz & 176 kHz playback now available for the Cantata Music Center

Windows drivers which allow for playback of 24/192kHz and 176kHz audio files on the Cantata Music Center are now available.

Click here for download and configuration information.


24/192kHz and 176kHz upgrade now available for the Cantata Music Center

The Cantata Music Center is now shipping with 24/192k capability for Mac and Windows.

Current Music Center owners are encouraged to contact your dealer for upgrade pricing and installation.

The original 24/96k version may still be available in some markets, but after October 1, 2011, all units will be shipping with 24/192k.


Resolution Audio introduces the Cantata App for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The introduction of the Cantata App provides a whole new way to control the Cantata Series devices with a touch-screen interface. This also means the same device can be used to control iTunes playback of the source computer as well as hardware control over the Cantata Series devices such as input selection, muting, volume control, etc.